Embody, in a unique first-person management game experience, a innkeeper in a rich medieval-fantasy world. Manage your establishment based on your own rules and choose the path you want to follow. Adapt your business to suit your customers and achieve a thriving economy. Build your own inn down to the last detail and spread your influence across the world.


It is one of the rare first-person management games in which you truly embody the character. This allows a total immersion in the manner of a modern RPG. Thus, all the management is done through the actions of your character and not only through an interface like an almighty god as in classic management games. This management game-RPG couple allows anyone to approach the ageing and dusty management genre in a more entertaining and less boring way.


You will have to manage your establishment with a masterful hand because you will have to manipulate multiple factors that will define the reputation of your establishment. In this, you will have to manage your stocks so that you can always meet your customers' demands and not disappoint them. Any unfulfilled order will negatively affect the reputation of your establishment; the latter affecting the number of visits and your relationships with customers, partners and organizations. Of course, set the price of the things you sell wisely: the local peasant will certainly not like to buy his beer for a gold bar, unlike the nobles. Fortunately, you are not alone in these arduous tasks as you can employ staff!


Each new customer is randomly generated according to all these facets: age, physique, behavior, attitude, psychology, social and family situation, level of wealth and many others. But that's not all! Customers can interact with each other and have a direct impact on the events that take place in the establishment: socializing, having complex conversations, interacting with any element of the environment, starting unique events (such as groupings, fights, binges, robberies or even murders).


In order to build up your establishment's inventory, you can establish one-time or recurring trade agreements with merchants or producers. It is also possible to conclude exclusive partnerships giving you access to significant economic advantages with the partner of your choice in exchange for certain constraints. You must also manage the geography of your supply: favor local production or rare and distant products subject to the natural constraints of expiration.

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You can build your establishment as you wish: modify the roofs, the floors, add a cellar, bedrooms, kitchens, premises for your employees, etc. You can also personalize your establishment in more detail with decorations or even by meticulously designing your workspace. In addition, the choice of furniture can have an impact on the customers: so don't have bad taste.


In this world where you are far from being alone and far from being a simple innkeeper, you will have to choose features and a starting point. You'll have to choose who you associate with and the moral choices they imply. Many quests and recurring characters will follow you through your adventure.


All this in a rich and elaborate medieval-fantasy universe. Discover the history of the world and its peoples through your game sessions. Meet the human and non-human races of this universe and develop your business in these foreign lands, which will depend in particular on your choice of starting location, thus allowing great replayability.

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