Timelines for components: float, vector and linear color

About This Asset

This pack adds a macro library that allows you to use timelines in any of your components. You can use them for floats, vectors and linear colors with ease. Unlike classic timelines, you have to create your own curves that will make your values evolve.


  • Macro library that allows the use of float, vector and linear color timelines for all types of components

  • An output node called "Paused" when the timeline is paused

  • You can loop the timeline or change its play rate

  • One macro library with 3 macros inside (FloatTimeline, VectorTimeline and ColorTimeline)

  • This pack includes only macros, they are quite usable in multiplayer or not

  • All platforms are supported

  • This plugin is compatible with Unreal Engine 4.25, 4.26 and 4.27 but should also work well on older versions of the engine

  • There is no documentation for this package. However, if you need support with this pack you can join our Discord server and ask us your questions or contact us on our e-mail address


the current version of the plugin is 4.26. If your engine indicates that you cannot use the plugin for your project because it is not in the same version as your engine, you can modify the following line of code in the "TimelinesForComponents.uplugin" file: "EngineVersion": "4.x.0" put the version of your choice in place of the "x" and save the file.

Licence: Creative Commons Attribution v4.0 International

This pack is a plugin for

Unreal Engine not a game

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